Lara Maré

Lara Maré

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Rush Natural Nutrition

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As a busy working mom I know all too well the allure of convenience foods that are quick and easy to eat on the go. However, as many of these snack options are packed with sugar and other preservatives, they’re not the ideal option for growing bodies and minds. Desperate for a healthy alternative I partnered with school friend and chef, Gavin Memper, to develop the RUSH range which is raw and made with wholesome ingredients free from toxins, gluten, dairy, soy, wheat and refined sugar. Seeing first-hand the double burden of disease in Africa, with 65% of adult deaths attributable to chronic disease driven largely by society’s addiction to fat, salt and sugar, together with 45% of children’s deaths attributable to malnutrition (with children in sub-Saharan Africa more than 14 times likely to die before the age of 5 than children in developed regions) we felt compelled to do something and support local suppliers and farmers in the process. That something was RUSH where our mantra is to turn the tide on disease! The range has something for athletes, people too busy to eat, pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children who need natural energy for their lively bodies and minds, and some of the novel functional ingredients include chia seeds, baobab, hemp protein powder, quinoa, rooibos and spirulina.